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Sakai: Building an Open Source Community

Book Review: Free Software Magazine by Alan Berg

Book Review: I.T. In The University by Luke Fernandez

Book Review: 6 Reasons to Read 'Sakai: Free as in Freedom (Alpha)' from Joshua Kim of Inside Higher Education.

Book Review: e-Literate by Jim Farmer


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Reviewer Comments

"An insightful look into a real open source project." - Mark Norton

"The author's personal style puts you right at the centre of the maelstrom. The book also gracefully highlights how well the individuals involved worked together despite the daily wear." - Alan Berg (Free Software Magazine)

"Charles Severance is Sakai." - Joel Greenberg

"Chuck's conversational style in the telling of the story of the historically significant Sakai open-source project and its worldwide impact in higher education makes it an enjoyable read!" - Carol Dippel

"As somewhat of an insider myself, I was still intrigued by the inside look and thrououghly enjoyed discovering what I never knew was happening behind the scenes. It was great fun reliving the Sakai experience - it brought to mind many forgotten friends and experiences." - John Leasia

"Can the global educational community provide leadership in educational technology? The story of Sakai shows that the answer is 'yes'. This book chronicles many of the individuals involved - all of whom deserve a special thanks." - Rob Abel, Ed.D.

"Sakai and its leadership demonstrated that a mainstream, multi-faceted application for non-technical users could be designed, developed, maintained, and improved under the open source business model. The product and the community it fostered, secured a place for open source as an operative path to bring significant productivity tools to market." - Jeff Kahn

"This book is a real learning-by-doing experience. A love history between Chuck and the Sakai Community." - Francesc Santanach

"Dr. Chuck is rare beast, able to go from the hills of enlightenment, vision and strategy and then down to the seventh level of Dante's Hell with concrete technical detail and hang with the geeks." - Marc Alier

"Warning: Exposure to such high levels of boldness, insight and refreshing sanity may result in a extreme desire to engage in community source projects." - David Barroso