Research/Scholarship (CV)

Dr. Charles R. Severance
1537 Holbrook Dr.
Holt, MI 48842
(517) 694-0892

This is my CV-Style summary of career accomplishments. I also use ResearchGate and Slideshare to capture my publications and other contributons.


My Internet History, Technology and Security course on Coursera was among the first courses Coursera / University of Michigan offered in 2012.

I added second Coursera MOOC titled, Programming for Everybody which was taught for the first time in April 2014.

In September 2015, I turned by Programming for Everybody into a five-course Coursera Specialization titled Python for Everybody. In Fall 2016, I converted the text book, autograders, course materials, and lectures into Python 3.0. The course will be upgraded to Python 3.0 on Coursera sometime in 2017. There is already a web site for the Python 3 version of the materials at

I have an additional four-course specialization in development titled, Web Applications for Everybody. This specialization should also appear on Coursera in 2017 and is already available at

Books / Specifications Written

Updated my Python 2 book to be Python 3 and republished it in April 2016 as Python for Everybody: Exploring Information in Python 3 on Amazon CreateSpace. Also available on ePub and PDF at no charge.

Wrote the book Introduction to Networking: How the Internet Works published May 2015 on Amazon CreateSpace. Also available on ePub and PDF at no charge.

Wrote the book Sakai: Building an Open Source Community: Building and learning together published May 2011, December 2013 on Amazon CreateSpace. Also available on Kindle, ePub, and as PDF at no charge.

Wrote the book Python for Informatics: Exploring Information on Amazon. Also available on Kindle, ePub, PDF, and iBooks at no charge.

Re-published my O'Reilly High Performance Computing book as part of the Connexions project ( I was able to get O'Reilly to release the book under Creative Commons Attribution to allow the book to be republished. November 2009.

Wrote the book, Using Google App Engine Published by O'Reilly and Associates, ISBN 10: 0-596-80069-X | ISBN 13: 9780596800697, May 2009.

Wrote the second edition of the O'Reilly book on High Performance Computing, July 1998.

IMS GLC Basic Learning Tools Interoperability v1.0, v1.1, and v2.0. IMS Global Learning Consortium, C.Severance, May 2010.


Refereed Journals

Marc Alier, Enric Mayol, Maria Jose Casan, Jordi Piguillem, Jeffrey W. Merriman, Miguel Angel Conde, Francisco J. Garcia-Penalvo, Wouter Tebben, Charles R. Severance, "Clustering Projects for eLearning Interoperability", Journal of Universal Computer Science, Volume 18, Issue 1, 1-Jan-2012.

Charles R. Severance, Ted Hanss, Joseph Hardin, IMS Learning Tools Interoperability: A Service-Oriented Approach To Teaching and Learning Tools Technology, Instruction, Cognition and Learning (journal). Volume 7, Number 3-4, 2010, pages 245-262. (Pre-print)

Charles R. Severance, Joseph Hardin, Anthony Whyte, The Coming Functionality Mashup in Personal Learning Environments, Interactive Learning Environments (Journal), Volume 16, Number 1, April 2008. (link)

Charles R. Severance, Joseph Hardin, Glenn Golden, Robert Crouchley, Adrian Fish, Tom Finholt, Beth Kirschner, Jim Eng, Rob Allan, Using the Sakai collaborative toolkit in e-Research applications Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, Volume 19, Issue 12, (p 1643-1652) (7 Jun 2007) (link)

Severance C, Enbody R, Petersen P, Managing the Overall Balance of Threads on a Multiprocessor using Automatic Self Allocating Threads (ASAT) - Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing 37, 106-112 (1996).

Refereed Conference Proceedings

SXSWEdu - Austin, Texas - March 3-5, 2013. Panel: MOOC Cage Match with Curt J. Bonk of Indiana University

Preparing for the Long Tail of Teaching and Learning Tools, Charles R. Severance and Stephanie D. Teasley, 9th International Conference of the Learning Sciences June 29 - July 2 2010.

Interoperability for LMS: The Missing Piece to Become the Common Place for Elearning Innovation Marc Alier Forment, Maria Jose Casan Guerrero, Miguel-Angel Conde Conzalez, Francisco Jose Garcia Penalvo, and Charles R. Severance. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2009, Volume 5736/2009 Pages 286-295. (link)

13th World Congress on Earthquake Engineering - Using Collaborative Tools in NEESGrid - Vancouver, BC - August 6, 2004.

ED-MEDIA 2004--World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications - From Your Course Syllabus to Earthquake Engineering Research: Collaboration using the CHEF Framework - Lugano, Switzerland - June 21, 2004.

C. Severance, T. Moore, "Making virtual reality worlds-interaction between higher education and K-12", In proceeding of: Frontiers in Education Conference, 1999. FIE '99. 29th Annual, Volume: 3

Frontiers in Education - Workshop: Making and Using Web-Based Lectures - October 10-13, 1999.

SeJin Chung, Moon-Jung Chung, Charles R. Severance, "Design to support tools and knowledge building in a virtual university course: Effect of reflection and self-explanation prompts.", WebNet 1999: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA - Volume 1.

Severance C, Enbody R, "Comparing Dynamic Space Sharing to Gang Scheduling", International Parallel Processing Symposium Proceedings, Geneva April 1-5, 1997, IEEE Computer Society Press 1997, page 288.

Severance C, Enbody R, "Automatic Self Allocating Threads (ASAT) on an SGI Challenge", Proceedings 1996 International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP96), August 1996, pages III-132 - III-139

Severance C, Enbody R, "A Possible Addition to HPF 3.0 - Real Valued Indexed (RVI) Arrays", High Performance Computing Symposium 96, Pages 248-253. April 8-11, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Severance C, Enbody R, Wallach S, Funkhouser B, "Automatic Self Allocating Threads (ASAT) on the Convex Exemplar" Proceedings 1995 International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP95), August 1995, pages I-24 - I-31.

Severance C., Enbody E., Tomanek D., Bulgac A., "Real Valued Arrays - An Initial Look", Proc. 1992 SIAM conference of Parallel Processing, pages 979-982,

Severance C, Pramanik S, Wolberg P, "Distributed Linear Hashing and Parallel Projection in Main Memory Databases", Proceedings of the 10th VLDB Conference, 1990.

Severance C, Pramanik S, "Distributed Linear Hashing for Main Memory Databases", Proceedings of 1990 IEEE International Conference on Parallel Processing.

Severance C, Pramanik S, Rosenau T, "A High Speed KDL-RAM File System for Parallel Computers", Proceedings PARBASE-90, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1990, pp 195-203. Also published as Naval Research Laboratory Report 9259, June 22, 1990, Naval Research Lab, Washington, D.C. 20375-5000.

Technical Reports

Harry Yeh, Charles R. Severance, "Report on Oregon State Experiment Based Deployment: Synchronized Video" - NEESGrid Technical Report TR2003-17, 09-11-2003

Carl Kesselman, Randy Butler, Ian Foster, Joe Futrelle, Doru Marcusiu, Sridhar Gulipalli, Laura Pearlman, Chuck Severance, "NEESgrid System Architecture", 05-13-2003

Charles R. Severance, "Video Support in NEESgrid: Telepresence and Data-Quality Video" - NEESgrid technical report TR-2003-02, 01-12-2003

Charles R. Severance, "Integrating Grid Capabilities into the CHEF Collaborative Portal Framework" - NEESgrid Technical Report TR-2003-01, 01-08-2003

N Bousdira, S Goldfarb, E Myers, H A Neal, C Severance, Kenneth Mick Storr, G Vitaglione, "WLAP the Web Lecture Archive Project: The Development of a Web-Based Archive of Lectures, Tutorials, Meetings and Events at CERN and at the University of Michigan", 01-September-2001,

G Vitaglione, N Bousdira, S Goldfarb, H A Neal, C Severance, Kenneth Mick Storr, "Lecture object: an architecture for archiving lectures on the Web", 18-February-2001,

Brehob M, Doom T, Enbody R, Moore W, Moore S, Sass R, Severance C, "Beyond RISC - The Post RISC Architecture", Technical Report MSU CPS-96-11 November 1996.

Magazine Articles

I am currently the multimedia editor for IEEE Computer Magazine and the column editor and writer for the monthly "Computing Conversations" column. The column is in the print magazine as well as a video interviews on YouTube and audio podcast on iTunes.

Other articles

I was the editor for the Standards column in IEEE Computer magazine between 1995 and 1999. I wrote 3-5 columns per year. Here are some sample columns:

Columns in 1996: "The Importance of IEEE Computer Standards", May 96, p. 102. "Case Study of a Commercial Standard", Nov 96, p. 92. "IP Next Generation", Dec 96, p 112.

My Own Publication Channels

Much of my work moves too quickly to slow down and publish in refereed journals and conferences. I have taken to simply self-publishing my materials in order to maintain my velocity. Here are some of my self-publishing venues and the number of views:

Sample Blog Articles

Selected YouTube Videos

Selected Invited Talks

You can see my complete list of talks and many of the slides from my talks at Travel and Presentations page. I also maintain a YouTube playlist of some of my recorded presentations and videos.

Presentation: Exploring the Next Generation Digital Learning Environment with Tsugi (次). OpenCast 2017 Summit, Valencia Spain, 1-March-2017.

Educause ELI, February 13-15, 2017, Houston, TX. Presentation: Building the Next Generation Teaching and Learning Environment with Tsugi (次)

Open Summit: An Open Conversation for Education, 23-May-2016. New York City. Panel: Open Learning: Shaping the future. (video)

Plenary Session: Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) - Past, Present, and Future, HITSA CONFERENCE "Fiber-optic Road of Education", Tallinn, Estonia. April 14, 2016. (video)

Apereo South Africa, March 9-10, 2016. Johannesburg, South Africa. Invited Talk: Next Generation Teaching and Learning.

Open edX Universities Symposium 2015, November 11, 2015. Invited talk: Making Successful Online Courses!

Eduventures Summit 2015: The Next Frontier, Boston, MA. November 19, 2015. Panel Discussion: Platform Wars: Learning Management System CEOs Debate the Future of Classroom Technology

E-LEARN 2015 - World Conference on E-Learning, October 19-22, 2015. Kona, Hawaii. Keynote: The Game of MOOCs

Strategic Integration of MOOCs in Research Universities Workshop - University of Illinois. May 12-13, 2015. Panel discussion: "Strategic Integration of MOOCs in Research Universities: Instructor Perspectives". Urbana-Champaign, IL.

Nationaal Cyber Security Centrum ONE Conference 2014. April 13-14, 2015. Invited Keynote: "MOOCs - The Future Is Getting Clearer". The Hague, NL. (Video)

PyCon 2015 Education Summit. April 8, 2015. Invited Keynote: "Programming for Everybody With Python". Montreal, Quebec.

Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK15). March 16-20, 2015. Invited Keynote: "The Trials and Tribulations of Predicting the Future for Learning Technology." Poughkeepsie, NY.

Digital Week at Notre Dame - October 6-7, 2014. Invited Presentation: "How will the MOOC Change Between Now and 2020?". Notre Dame, IN.

International Council on Systems Engineering - July 2-3, 2014. Invited keynote: "Experiences Teaching a Massively Open Online Course (MOOC)". Las Vegas, NV.

Apereo Mexico 2014 - Cuernavaca, Mexico - May 12-14, 2014. Presentation: Sakai 10 and Beyond - Next Steps for Sakai.

SXSWEdu - Austin, TX March 3-6, 2014 Voices of the Students in MOOCS.

European Capital of Youth 2013 - Keynote: A Brief History of the Internet - Maribour Slovenia, December 12, 2013.

TEDxKalamazoo - Kalamazoo, MI - November 8, 2013. Presentation: Massively Open Online Courses (a.k.a. MOOCs)

Sakai Mexico 2013 - Puebla, Mexico - April 24-26, 2013. Keynote: Massively Open Online Course Exeriences, Observations, and Trends.

Smart Leaders Converence - Manilla, Phillipines - November 27, 2012.Keynote: The University as a Cloud: Openness in Education

SURF Dutch Onderwijsdagen 2012 - Rotterdam, NL - November 13-15, 2012. Keynote: MOOCs are Great - What's Next?

XIV Simposio Internacional de Informatica Educativia - Andorra - October 29-31, 2012. Keynote: University as a Cloud - Trends in Openness in Education

Smart on ICT International Open Forum - Seoul, South Korea - October 24, 2012. Invited Panel Discussion: Smart Media IT Industry Challenges and Opportunities

Global Learning Technology Conference - Wilmington, NC - August 10, 2012. Invited talk: Intial Experiences Teaching a Massively Open Online Course

Moodle Moot - Los Angeles, CA (invited panel with Phil Hill) - July 31 - August 1, 2012.

April 24, 2012 - Sakai Mexico Conference (first) -Mexico City - Keynote Speech "Sakai: Free as in Freedom"

September 28, 2011 - European Sakai Conference - Amsterdam - Keynote Speech "Disruptive Innovation"

IDEA 2011 - Melbourne AU. December 1-3, 2011. Invited Workshop: IMS Learning Tools Interoperability.

European Sakai User's Meeting - Amsterdam, NL. September 26-28, 2011. Invited Talk: Disruptive Innovation

Sakai Japanese User Group - Osaka, Japan. March 14-20, 2011. Invited Talk: IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability: Free as in Freedom

IMS Korea - Seoul, South Korea. October 19-22, 2010. Invited Talk: Functionality Mash Up /Evolving to the Next Generation of Learning Management Systems

April 7, 2011 - UNC Wilmington - Keynote Speech - Wilmington Technology exchange - 'IT Trends for 2011: Things Might Be Very Different Today'

March 17, 2011 - Sakai Japan Conference - Keynote Speech - 'IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability: Free as in Freedom'

February 3, 2011 - University of Massachusetts Online - Speaker Series - 'IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability'

October 22, 2010 - Korea - Keynote at the IMS Korea Meeting - 'Functionality Mash Up - Evolving to the Next Generation of Learning Management Systems'

June 8, 2010 - Open University (Milton Keynes, UK) - Fellows Series - 'Adding IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability to Cohere'

May 26, 2010 - Penn State University - Plone East Developers Conference - Keynote Speech - 'The University as a Cloud: Openness in Education'

Next Generation Teaching and Learning Symposium - Berkeley, CA - April 17, 2009. Invited Panelist: Tools and Technological Models.

JISC Developer Days - London, UK - February 24-27, 2010. Invited Workshop: Google App Engine and Cloud Computing. (conference)

Pearson Education Technology Summit - Denver, CO - November 11, 2009. Invited Talk: Evolving Teaching and Learning: Beyond the LMS (slides)

CIC CIO TechForum 2009 - East Lansing, MI - October 6, 2009. Invited Presentation: Clouds on the Horizon: Evolving Teaching, Learning and Technology in Higher Education (conference, slides)

Apple Academix Conference - Duke University - Raleigh, NC - May 28, 2009 - Invited Keynote: Beyond the Learning Management System - (conference, slides)

Apple Academix Conference - Indiana University - Indianapolis, IN - May 7, 2009 - Invited Keynote: Beyond the Learning Management System - (conference, slides)

Etudes User Summit - Los Angeles, CA - April 23-24, 2009 - Invited Talk: Celebraring the Magic of Teachers (slides)

Apple Academix Conference - MIT - Boston, MA - March 26, 2009 - Invited Keynote: Beyond the Learning Management System - (slides)

Invited Talk: Open Source Learning Management Systems: Much More Than Free Source Code, LaSalle University, Barcelona, Spain, April 8, 2008 (slides).

Invited talk: Breaking Down Barriers between Learning Management Systems, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK December 14, 2007 (slides).

Invited Talk: Sakai as a Virtual Research Environment - Digital Libraries a la Carte 2007 - Tilburg University, August 30, 2007 (slides)

Invited Talk: Pushing the Boundaries of Open Source - the Sakai Project, Merit Member Conference, Ann Arbor, MI - June 19, 2007 (slides).

Invited Talk: The Coming Functionality Mashup - Edinburgh, Scotland - May 25, 2007. (slides)

Educause Australasia - Melbourne, AU - May 2, 2007. Invited Talk: Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation through Community Source (slides)

Open Source Summit - Phoenix, AZ - December 1-3, 2004 - Invited Talk: Software to fit Teaching and Learning Practices (slides)

National E-Science Workshop, Edinburgh Scotland - February 23, 2004 Keynote Presentation: From Your Course Syllabus to Earthquake Engineering: Collaboration using the CHEF Framework

Grant Proposals


Fontichiaro, K, Severance, C, Michigan Makers: Developing Leadership Through Makerspace Mentorship, $24,972, Transforming Learning for Third Century (TLTC) Quick Wins, May 2013.

Thomas, Gannon, et al., Collaborative Proposal: Middleware for Grid Portals, National Science Foundation, $720,000, September 2003.

McGroarty E, VanDusen G, et. al., "MSU - MDAMP Initiative: The John Scholars Program", $210,000, November 1997.

Merit Network, Davidsen, S, et. al., "Building A Community Network Tool Kit", $177,200 1997. This project developed a book, training materials, video materials, software, and web site to support public libraries in their efforts to provide on-line community information. (link)

Fisher P, Fairwether J, VanDusen G, Matsen S, Severance C, "Reforming the Early Undergraduate Learning Experience", $750,000, GE Educational Fund, September 1997.

Enbody, R.J., and Severance C, Sun Microsystems, $210,000, One Year, "Dynamic Load Balancing on Scalable Shared Memory Parallel Processing System", 1997. This system is still in production and has been used by a number of computer science students and faculty to study high performance computing and computer architecture.

Greenberg L, Severance C, Moore R, et al., $2,000,000, "Proposal to Network K-12 schools and Intermediate School Districts (South Central Network Consortium)". Ameritech rate payer funds through the Michigan Public Service Commission. Awarded January 1995. This project installed 100 internet connections and UNIX serves at school districts around southeastern lower Michigan.

Severance, C, - Convex Corporation - One year joint development project to study distributed file systems on Convex supercomputers. February 1993. The results of this project were used by Convex to deploy AFS on their supercomputers.


CDI Type II: Learning About Learning Through Large-Scale Data Investigations, Roschelle J, Severance C, Songer, Nancy B, National Science Foundation, $2,062,288, December 8, 2008.

Severance C, Hardin J, SDCI Data Improvement: Sakai Research Edition - Human Communications as Part of the Scientific Record, National Science Foundation, January 2007. (link)

Newman H., et al., "ITR: A Global Grid-Enabled Collaboratory for Scientific Research", National Science Foundation, $1,474,340, September 2003.

Enbody R, Severance C, Using Asynchronous, Web-based, Video to Humanize Distance Education, Submitted to NSF/EHR/DUE CCLI-EMD Educational Materials Development November 1998. (link)

Enbody R, Severance C, Two Years, $118,679, NSF, "Dynamic Space Sharing for Symmetric Multiprocessing Systems", 1997.

Severance C, Miller J, Pijanowski B, Environmental Protection Agency, Three years $2,859,426, "Exploring Human Dimensions of Environmental Change and Building the Foundation of the Michigan Educational Network", 1997.

Crane M, Greenberg L, Jizba L, Wiggins R, Severance C, National Science Foundation - "Proposal for Digitization of and Internet Access to Materials from the Vincent Voice Library" January 1993.

Nordlander P, Eguiluz A, Enbody R, Langreth D, Scuseria G, Severance C, Tomanek D - National Science Foundation - "Multidisciplinary Computational Approach to Carbon Nano structures". October 1993.

Severance C, Enbody R, Punch W, "Computational Aspects of Modeling of Cluster Aggregation using Massively Parallel Computers". August 1992.

Software Developed:

I developed a tool called Sync-O-Matic 3000 which automates the production of web-lectures using RealNetworks media and HTML. This product is in use at a number of sites around the world and is downloaded several times each week. The best example of its use is the CERN Web lecture repository

To address some of the usability problems in Sync-O-Matic, I developed a tool called ClipBoard-2000 which also produces web-based lectures using Quicktime. ClipBoard-2000 is very easy to use and it allows the instructor to annotate their slides with text and drawing. ClipBoard also allows the instructors to use a document camera to show objects in their lectures. ClipBoard is early in the development process but has generated significant interest from both commercial and educational institutions.

Between 2004 and 2007, I was the chief architect of the Mellon-funded Sakai Project and later the executive director of the non-profit Sakai Foundation. I was a principle designer and developer for the Sakai 1.x and 2.x products. Sakai is in use at over 200 schools with well over a million users who use Sakai daily for teaching, learning, and collaboration.

I have made small open source contributions to Moodle, Skulpt, and Class2Go.

Starting in late 2012, I developed a simple open source MOOC platform that I use to power Dr. Chuck Online. This project is now finished and future work has been moved to my Tsugi effort.

My most recent software project is to build a new Learning Management Operating System (LMOS) called Tsugi (次) to ease the effort needed to build distributed teaching and learning applications based on IMS standards. Tsugi has morphed into a stand-alone independent open source MOOC platform that will be pulled out of Tsugi as a separate project and called Koseu (코스). I use Tsugi and Koseu to power my open MOOC websites Python for Everybody and Web Applications for Everybody.

Tsugi has been accepted as an incubation project by the Apereo Foundation.